New Patient Information

I'm delighted that you are thinking about booking an appointment with me, please read on to find out what to do.

1 Please read through my Covid-19 screening questions and information. Pay attention to the categorisation of 'Vulnerable' and 'Extremely Vulnerable' to Covid-19 as we can discuss this. Also, please let me know if you've been hospitalised previously with Covid-19 or are subsequently on medication for it. I will email this screening document to you before every treatment, but please familiarise yourself with it now.

2 Contact me to book your telephone consultation and your first appointment. 

3 Complete a New Patient Registration Form and get it back to me before our telephone consultation. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Download the Microsoft Word version or PDF version and print it out. Complete by hand and either post it to me, or take photos of it message the photos to me via whatsapp/email/text/facebook messenger.

  • Download the Microsoft version and edit it directly in Microsoft Word, and email the document to me.

  • Download the PDF version and edit it using a Mark Up feature on your phone or other app, and email it to me.

  • Ask me to post a paper copy out to you. You can either post it back, or send me the photos of it once completed.

4 Read through my aftercare information.