Massage, or soft tissue therapy, physically pushes and stretches the skin and muscles of the body. It can help to improve muscle flexibility and reduce tension. We know that massage has a huge impact on our sensory nervous system. Massage feels really good- and this leads towards pain reduction via helping to turn the volume down on feelings of pain. 

Everyone should be having massages!

The way I work is a combination of relaxing holistic massage plus sports/remedial massage/ soft tissue therapy. I want to remedy issues, and I also I want you to unwind and enjoy the experience.

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Please note, due to Covid-19 we will have your consultation over the phone prior to your first treatment instead of face to face in clinic.

What happens when I come for a treatment?

I’ll post or email a registration form to you to complete beforehand. When you first come to my clinic, I’ll welcome you in and ask you to take a seat on the armchair in my treatment room.


We’ll then discuss why you’ve come, whether that’s for general relaxation and general muscle tension, or a specific issue, and we’ll talk about this. I may have a look at your posture and look for obvious musculoskeletal imbalances, I’m also likely to palpate tension areas. I’ll then discuss your treatment with you.


After the consultation, I’ll leave the room to give you some privacy so that you can undress, keeping your underwear on, and then snuggle up comfy and warm under the blanket and sheet on the couch.


A typical standard massage format starts with you lying on your back looking at the ceiling so I can do some work on your neck and shoulders first. I put small folded towel over your eyes to help you relax and I’ll sit behind your head, putting my hands under your neck to gently release tension here. I might open up the front of your shoulders/ your chest if you have tension here.


I will then ask you to roll over so that you are face down, and use different  massage techniques over your back and shoulders to the areas which need targeting. 

After your treatment I’ll leave the room to make some notes whilst you get up and dressed. We’ll then perhaps discuss stretches or clarify lifestyle advice given, and talk about booking another appointment if you’d like one.


Your first visit will last around an hour and a quarter, and subsequent visits last an hour. There is around 40 minutes of actual hands-on massage time. 

Does massage hurt?

Massage should feel great; deep enough to beneficial, yet not so deep that it causes pain.


At areas of tension it is likely to feel a little painful, but this is often described as ‘good hurt’. A level of 3/5 in terms of massage-pain/ 'good-hurt' pain is what we want here. I will ask you to feed back to me how it feels so that I get it right for you. It is not a case of the deeper the better, and massage should never cause bruising. We all have completely different tolerance levels and different anatomy, so it’s important for me to change my technique according to each specific client.

How many treatments do I need?

If you’re coming to help a specific complaint and you want to get better sooner, you are likely to want to come twice weekly or weekly to begin with before spacing it out to monthly.


If you are coming for general tension and stress relief, you may choose to continue to have massage once a week, fortnightly or monthly on an ongoing basis- it’s your choice.  Even one annual massage will be beneficial for you.

Is massage just for backs, neck, and shoulders?

Not at all. If you’re a runner, come and have massage on your legs. If you work with your arms, or spend a lot of time on a PC you may want your arms and hands looked at. I also offer abdominal massage, beneficial for the whole abdominal area, and facial massage which brightens your complexion and reduces face tension.