Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Health and Safety Risk Assessment; Coronovirus 2020


Banbury Acupuncture & Massage Clinic, Danielle Croft

14 Hillside Close

Banbury OX16 9YT


Hazard; the spread of Coronovirus in my clinic.

This may affect myself, my family, patients/clients visiting, anyone who comes into contact with these people subsequently when they leave clinic. Especially relevant to those who fall into the vulnerable and extremely vulnerable category.




Patients arriving; patient to wait in their car until appointment time, thus no waiting room time inside. Myself to open and close doors and gate, thus avoiding patient contact with handles. Door handles disinfected between appointments.


Patient hand sanitising; 70% alcohol sanitiser upon entry. Patients asked to sanitise hands before leaving. 


Patient PPE; Patient to enter wearing their own fresh disposable mask, or to buy single use disposable face mask provided by myself (type IIR). Resusable/washable/fabric masks not allowed.

If patient cannot breathe properly when prone (face down) with face in face hole, guidance says mask should be removed. (Ventilation in this case is increased).


Practitioner PPE; myself to wash hands, sanitise hands, and don fresh type II single use face mask which is to be disposed of after each work session. 


Patient clothes; patients politely asked to wear freshly laundered clothes to their appointment.


Plastic box; provided for patients to put their clothes and belonging into. Disinfected before next patient use.


Surfaces; After each treatment, Clinell Universal Wipes used to disinfect all surfaces which have been touched or exposed to potential airborne particles. Surfaces left to air dry. Special attention to; pens, face hole of couch plus bars and floor under the head-end of couch if patient was lying prone, door handles, grab rails; massage oil bottles; toilet and taps if used by patient, sofa.


Floor to be cleaned at the end of every clinic day with disinfectant.


Clinic linen; provide fresh sheet to go under and fresh blanket to go on top of each patient, plus small fresh fleece towels and fresh pillow cover.  After use, put straight into washing machine with closed washing machine door. Laundered at end of clinic day on 60 degree wash. 


PVC-covered foam layer on the top of the couch provided for patient comfort and ease of sanitising between patients.


Clinic clothes; my uniform to be laundered after every work day. If I have been exposed to patient coughing, uniform to be changed between patients. 

Hand washing; before and after each treatment and after cleaning, in line with requirements and correct technique. Soap and water for 20 seconds. Forearms to be washed and sanitised in addition for massage treatments. My clinic sink is only for my own personal use. Clinic toilet sink is for patients use. During treatment, hands to be washed or sanitised with 60 percent alcohol sanitiser as needed. Paper towels provided for myself and at patient sink. Gloves to be worn for all cleaning, and removing used linen after a treatment.


Clinic to be aired for 10 minutes between patients.


Ventilation; during each treatment back clinic door open to allow a flow-through of air.


Bins; pedal bin in clinic. Pedal bin in patient toilet. Waste to be doubled bagged and stored for 72 hours before going into normal bin for collection.


Tissues available for patients.


Unnecessary items removed from clinic.  


Consultations; New patient’s consultations to always be completed on the phone. Existing patients given the option of having the short consultation part of their appointment on the phone instead of during their clinic time.


Covid-19 screening; screening questions emailed to patient before each treatment. A paper copy to be signed on their first visit (sanitised pen to be provided) and for future visits I record in their patient file that they have been Covid-19 screened. Information about the patient’s visit to be emailed as part of screening email.


Reminder email sent the day before each appointment to include a summary reminder about what the patient needs to do/bring for their appointment.


Vulnerable/ Extremely Vulnerable category patients; discussion with the patient about whether the pros of coming for treatment outweigh the risk of them catching Covid-19. Treatment to be declined by myself if I deem the benefit versus risk unfavourable. GP approval for treatment required where I deem necessary.


Ask patient if they have been hospitalised with Covid-19 or are on subsequent medication for it. If so, it is advised for them to get GP consent prior to treatment (ISRM guidelines).


Temperature checks for patients if they wish or if I feel is necessary.


Myself as practitioner to adhere to my own covid-19 screening questions and guidelines. Treatments to cease/close clinic if myself or anyone in my household has symptoms of Covid-19 or has been contacted and advised to self isolate. Seek testing for virus and follow government guidance.


Follow test and trace as required.  Closure and self isolation if I develop symptoms.


Late cancellation fee; No payment charge for late cancellations due to ill health or possible symptoms. Patients asked to cancel appointments even if they have only a cold. (Fee still stands if cancelled late for a different reason, or appointment is forgotten)


Keep 2m distance when possible during treatment. Be aware of proximity to patient’s face during treatment; take extreme care when treating around the head and neck whilst patient in supine position. Consider alternate positioning where possible.  Wear visor if required.

Payment options; internet transfer preferred, then cheque. Cash taken as last resort; handled with gloves and kept out of clinic in container.


Return to lockdown/ Circuit Breaker; follow government guidelines. BAcC acupuncture and ISRM massage emails to be read and acted on accordingly. Strictly follow their instructions about who I are allowed to treat at different stages.