Budget Acupuncture

For a single health complaint where regular

treatment is recommended

This is a 30 minute appointment time suitable for dealing with one complaint, for example a bad shoulder or painful knees. I'm offering these slots to allow you to come for a course of frequent treatments.

You will remain clothed, only removing clothes that need to be removed. Wear comfy and loose clothes. I advise you to bring two fresh towels or washed fleece blankets; one to lie on, and one to keep you warm.

As with my standard acupuncture treatments we will do a tele-consult prior to you coming in for your first visit, probably either an afternoon or later evening. Please complete a new patient registration form and return to me prior to this. 

Appointment times for Budget Acupuncture;

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1.40pm.

Wednesday and Friday at 1.40 pm are available if you are unable to make the other times. These won't show up in my diary, please contact me to book directly. 


First visit (Includes telephone consultation) £45

Subsequent treatments £35

Payable by bank transfer or cheque

Low earners

If financially you cannot afford this, please get in contact to discuss as I don't want you to miss out on having acupuncture.

Why is this service offered?

I've been aware that sometimes people can't afford to come for the regular acupuncture treatments they'd benefit from having (really you need to come initially twice a week for chronic pain). 

I don't have the option to set up an affordable acupuncture multi-bed clinic (lots of patients having treatments at the same time in a big room), so this is my alternative; budget acupuncture sessions with 1:1 patient and practitioner in a 30 minute appointment time. The same focused-on-you treatment, the same level of commitment from me, but less of the frills.